A message from Chancellor Cindy Larive

At UC Santa Cruz, diversity and inclusion underpin our mission to teach, serve, and discover.

The best and most successful teams are diverse. But diversity is not just about ensuring folks from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives are represented, it also means creating a community where everyone feels welcome and supported. At UCSC, inclusivity is the key to excellence in all of our pursuits. 

Diversity is the first of UCSC’s Principles of Community and is central to creating an open, purposeful, caring, just, disciplined, and celebrative campus climate. Crucially, these are the principles that we work toward as we seek to support the identities and aspirations of every student, staff member, and academic employee. Our goal is to build a community where each person feels a sense of belonging, where each person can be heard.

As chancellor, I am committed to furthering the diversity of our campus community and to cultivating an inclusive campus climate. However, the responsibility for inclusivity belongs to each of us, and I encourage you to take this responsibility seriously. Reflect often and carefully on your biases and work to recognize and correct your actions and words when you cause harm. 

As a public university, UCSC belongs to the people and should reflect the full range of people and cultures that make up the state of California. But it's not obligation that fuels our commitment. We are motivated by a desire to make society more equitable and to enhance opportunities for all.

Thank you for being part of the UC Santa Cruz community and for committing to the ongoing work of increasing the diversity of our community and cultivating an inclusive climate where everyone feels welcome and where everyone succeeds together.

Cynthia K. Larive