In Celebration of Black Life

Alumni Weekend Event - Organized by UCSC’s Black Experience Team

Saturday, April 29th
1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 
Cervantes & Velasquez Conference Room and adjoining patio, at Bay Tree Bookstore

Call for Submissions - deadline March 24

The Black Experience Team will be hosting the first annual In Celebration of Black Life event over Alumni Weekend. Our event will lift up the lives and histories of Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni who call, or once called, UCSC home. Through a collection of testimonies and memorabilia we will create a ‘memory space’ that speaks to the various ways UCSC’s Black community has and continues to affirm its place and presence on our campus.

We use the term ‘memory space’ because our history and presence at UCSC is not something reducible to an exhibit or showcase. Neither is our history something to be gawked at or viewed as an exception in UCSC’s history. Instead, we want to work with the ways that remembering produces nostalgia, connections, and community. We hope that these narratives from present and past Black students, faculty, and staff will produce a beautiful memory for all of us to share.

How to Participate:

Respond to 1 of these prompts:

  • Keyword/Song: Share with us ONE word or song that describes or reminds you of your time at UCSC and explain why you picked it.
  • Home: This year’s Alumni Weekend theme is ‘Coming Home’. So, please tell us how UCSC felt or feels like home to you. Remember that home can be represented in a variety of ways. No matter how UCSC felt or feels  like home to you, we hope you share your memory with us.  
  • Joy: Share with us ONE person, activity, or place that you enjoy or miss about UCSC.

Respond in 1 of 5 ways - Submit:

  1. Video: All videos should be between 1-3 minutes long.
  2. Footage of your time at UCSC: These submissions may be longer than 1-3 minutes. However, please note that we may not use all the footage.
  3. A Piece of Writing: Letters, poetry, and short essays (5 page max) are recommended. However, other forms of writing are welcomed.
  4. Photo(s): If you submit photos via email, please scan your photo(s) at the highest resolution possible. We would love it if you provided a caption with your photo(s). However, a caption is not necessary.
  5. Other Items: Please email Maya Iverson or Donnae Smith if you would like to contribute something other than a video, photo, or piece of writing.

Where to Send Contributions or Question:
Email Videos, Photos, Stories or Other Items To:

Mail Videos, Photos, Writing, and Other Items To:

Donnae Smith
University of California Santa Cruz
MS: Stevenson College, rm. 116
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA. 95064