The Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity honor and showcase people and programs that have made outstanding contributions to furthering diversity, inclusion and excellence at UC Santa Cruz. Eligible recipients include undergraduate and graduate students, student organizations, academic, and staff employees, campus units (e.g., offices, departments or divisions) and academic or administrative programs.

UCSC has many individuals and units that contribute significantly to our diversity and inclusion efforts. Some examples of achievements include: student-to-student outreach programs; developing cutting-edge recruitment programs; developing successful mentoring and retention programs; providing opportunities for academic and staff employees to advance in their careers; influencing peers on decisions that affect equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, inclusion and diversity at UC Santa Cruz; and advancing the understanding and field of diversity through research, publications and other media.

Diversity recognition and award programs offer important opportunities to promote and institutionalize diversity and honor those who actualize our Principles of Community. The Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity highlight diversity as a campus priority and a necessity for maintaining institutional excellence. In addition, the awards process, event and publicity showcase campus diversity achievements and best practices to internal and external audiences; and enable students and academic and staff employees to communicate and document their achievements.

2019 CAAFD Selection Committee

The 2019 selection committee for the Chancellor's Achievement Awards for Diversity consists of the following representatives:

  • Ashish Sahni, Chancellor's Office
  • Mark Anderson, Senate Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity
  • Herbie Lee, Academic Affairs
  • Aaron Jones, Staff Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)
  • Leslie Marple, Academic Personnel Office (APO)
  • Madlyn Norman-Terrance, Staff Human Resources (SHR)
  • Enrique Yarce, Student Union Assembly, Vice President Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ka-eul Yoo and Krisha Hernandez, Graduate Student Association
  • Christine Rosales, Graduate Student
  • Amelie Desmarchelier and Torie KleinWomen in Science and Engineering
  • Christopher Chen, Humanities Division
  • Nancy Kim, At Large Member Familiar with Student Organizations and Programs

2018 CAAFD Recipients

  • Rebecca Covarrubias, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department

  • Dr. Pablo G. Reguerín, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Achievement & Equity Innovation, Director, Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP), Division of Student Success

  • Katherine Mỹ-Duyên Lê, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Student Union Assembly

  • Patrawat Samermit, Graduate student, Psychology Department

  • Juan Manuel Ruiz Cortes, MA graduate student, Philosophy Department

  • UCSC Women's Center M.I.N.T. Program (Matriculating, Influencing, Networking and Triumphing)

  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Award
    • Angela N. Brooks, Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

  •  Lifetime Achievement Award

    • Karen Tei Yamashita, Professor of Literature, Literature Department. 

2017 Recipients

  • Stacy Philpott, associate professor, Environmental Studies
  • Yuliana Ortega, STEM Diversity Programs Director and Donnae Smith, Diversity & Inclusion Programs Coordinator
  • Abir Rashid, undergraduate student
  • Maya Iverson, graduate student, Sociology
  • Nekses Social Justice Retreat
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 
    • Olga Najera-Ramirez, professor, Anthropology
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Award
    • Ólöf Einarsdóttir, professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

2016 Recipients

  • David H. Anthony III, associate professor, History
  • Ethan Hutchinson, lead academic preceptor, Cowell College
  • Ricki Carr, lead senior analyst, Business & Administrative Services
  • Joanna Bucio Villaseñor, undergraduate student, Oakes College, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
  • Tisha Bohr, graduate student, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
  • GEODES (Geologists Encouraging Openness and Diversity in Earth Science)
  • People of Color Sustainability Collective
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 
    • Faye Crosby, professor, Psychology and provost, Cowell College
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Award
    • Adina Paytan, research scientist, Institute of Marine Sciences
2015 Recipients
  • Rita Mehta, assistant professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Zia Isola, Director of Diversity Programs, CBSE Research Mentoring Institute
  • Jessica Manuela Loya, undergraduate student, Oakes College
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) 
  • SOMECA (SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity) 
  •  Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Susan Willats, Assistant Director, Transportation & Parking Services
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Award
    • Charles McDowell, Professor, Computer Science
    • Adrienne Harrell, Director, Undergraduate Student Affairs, Baskin School of Engineering 

2014 Recipients

  • Norma Klahn, professor of literature
  • Hiroshi Fukurai, professor of sociology & legal studies
  • Lesley-Reid Harrison, undergraduate student, College Ten
  • Wisdom O. Cole, undergraduate student, Oakes College
  • Jill Palmer Naiman, graduate student, astronomy and astrophysics
  • UCSC Women in Physics, department program, physics
  • Madlyn Norman-Terrance, assistant manager, Labor & Employee Relations

2013 Recipients

  • Triloki Pandey, professor of anthropology
  • Nandini Bhattacharya, lecturer of mathematics
  • Boreth Ly, assistant professor of history of art and visual culture
  • Alessandra Álvares, assistant department manager of Politics & Latin American & Latino Studies
  • Sophia Petraki, undergraduate student in molecular, cell and developmental biology
  • Grupo Folklórico Los Mejicas de UCSC, student organization

In addition, Rosie Cabrera, director of the Chicano Latino Resource Center, received a special award initiated by the Chancellor's Office and the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In recognition of her 29 years of service, including the last 10 years as director of "El Centro," Cabrera received the Chancellor's Special Recognition Award for Achievements in Diversity in Inclusion.

2012 Recipients

  • Gregory S. Gilbert, professor of environmental studies
  • Steve McKay, associate professor of sociology
  • Malika Bell, staff director of STEM diversity programs
  • Sharon Hibdon, staff research associate in physical & biological sciences
  • Sophia Petraki, undergraduate student in molecular, cell and developmental biology
  • Student Initiated Outreach, student organization

2011 Recipients

  • Professor Darrell Long
  • Assistant Professor Christine J. Hong
  • Teresa Valenzuela
  • Martha Valle
  • Donald G. Williams
  • Jasmine K. Syedullah
  • Janette Esmeralda Linares
  • Sociedad Estudiantil de Psicólog@s Avanzando (S.E.P.A.)
  • Third World and Native American Student Press Collective (TWANAS)
  • UCSC Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

2010 Recipients

  • Associate Professor Roberto Manduchi
  • Professor Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
  • Professor Charlie McDowell
  • Carlos Salas
  • Lizzie Yasser
  • April Goral
  • Alexander Whittlesey
  • Kathryn Koumatos
  • Leda Hernandez
  • Matthew Palm
  • Global Brigades

2009 Recipients

  • Professor Eugene Switkes
  • Professor Karen Tei Yamashita
  • Associate Adjunct Professor Adriane Steinacker
  • Shante Lewis
  • Theikdi
  • Educational Partnership Center (EPC)

2008 Recipients

  • Professor Richard Hughey
  • Associate Professor Ingrid Parker
  • Associate Professor Renee Tajima-Peña
  • Dean of Students Alma Sifuentes
  • Latin American & Latino Studies
  • UC Santa Cruz Dining

2007 Recipients

  • Associate Professor Gina Dent
  • Professor Russ Flegal
  • Julio Cardona
  • Minh Tran

2005 Recipients

  • Professor Martin Chemers
  • Professor Pradip Mascharak
  • Professor Barry Bowman
  • Professor Leo Ortiz
  • Bernice Frankl
  • Nancy-Cox Konopelski
  • Nandini Bhattacharya
  • Richard Baldwin
  • Nancy Kim
  • Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community
  • History of Consciousness

2004 Recipients

  • Professor Phil Crews
  • Alex Reveles
  • Dining Services University
  • Multicultural Engineering Program
  • Chicano/Latino Research Center

 2003 Recipients

  • Professor Tara Madhyastha
  • Professor David Belanger
  • Professor Judy Yung
  • Professor Mary Silver
  • Ilse Kolbus and Jesse Magaña
  • VC Francisco J. Hernandez and Student Affairs Division
  • Library Cultural Diversity Committee