Chancellor's Diversity Advisory Council

At the March 2010 Regents' meeting, President Yudof pledged to take steps to directly address campus climate issues that leave students feeling marginalized; to promote the identification and sharing of best practices that promote diversity and tolerance; to monitor progress on the campuses; and to provide effective oversight.

The President appointed a systemwide Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion and asked each campus Chancellor to chair and appoint a multi-constituency Council to advise the Chancellor and, as appropriate, the campus community.

Chancellor Blumenthal established the UCSC Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion in 2010. This council was renamed to the Chancellor’s Diversity Advisory Council (CDAC) in fall 2015. CDAC is an advisory body to the Chancellor that includes faculty, administrators, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, community members and alumni. The overarching responsibility for the Council is to provide campus leadership with advice and recommendations about best practices in creating a diverse and inclusive campus community.

The charge of the UCSC Council is to:

  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of UCSC in creating conditions of climate, culture and inclusion that will best support the mission of the University and provide equal opportunities to all UCSC students, faculty and staff.
  • Identify, evaluate and share “promising practices” in efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate—looking broadly at other institutions, both public and private, inside and outside higher education, across the state and the nation.
  • Evaluate existing policies, programs, and organizational structures that promote diversity and inclusion and recommend additional programming and institutional changes to continue to ensure proactive engagement in creating a healthy campus community.
  • Generate innovate thinking and offer solutions to assist in the resolution of campus climate issues.
  • Partner with identified affinity groups based on campus specific needs or climate studies to foster community building and engagement through inclusion.
  • Pursue and fulfill other diversity-related initiatives identified by the Chancellor.