Frequently Asked Questions

We've know you have a lot of questions about Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, so this page is designed to help answer some frequently asked questions:


How do I enroll as an "official" participant of the certificate program?
If you began the program in 2017-18 or earlier, you are already considered enrolled in the program. If you are a new participant to the program, you must take one of the two offerings of the program orientation in October to be enrolled as a participant pursuing their certificate in the program.

How do I see what classes I have taken?
Here are instructions on how to view your course history in the UC Learning Center. Be advised, however, that the class listing is sometimes inaccurate. You can use the course tracker described below:

  1. Open the Google Doc:

2. Click "File"

3. Click "Make a Copy"

4. Make changes to the doc name and which folder to save it to.


Can I still take classes if I’m not enrolled in the certificate program or do not wish to complete my certificate?

Of course! All our courses are open to those who are not pursuing a certificate; UCSC staff, faculty, and graduate students have the option to take courses based on their own interest, who may not be able to dedicate the full time required to complete the program. We think all the courses in our program are invaluable to your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campus, but we know that not everyone interested in achieving their certificate can commit the time to completing every course we offer.


Who do I contact if I have trouble registering for classes in the UC Learning Center?

ODEI partners closely with UC Learning Center staff to ensure your registration experience is as simple as possible. If you have trouble with registering for classes, please email the UC Learning Center staff directly at and a UCLC technician will respond to your request right away.


Who do I contact if I have questions about the program content, or would like to learn more about the program itself?

The Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can be reached at and can speak with you about the program requirements, learning objectives, and course content.


Still have questions? Contact or call 9-1590.