Learning Objectives

Using “diversity” “equity” and “inclusion” as key starting points, the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program introduces participants (no matter where positioned at UC Santa Cruz) to key concepts, terminology, and theories that are common in social justice and inclusion work that are relevant to human resources, student and academic affairs, and organizational leadership, management and change. In addition to learning varied approaches to social justice, participants will develop an understanding of applied skills that they can utilize in their various units, divisions, and departments here at UCSC. The overall objective of the program is to work collaboratively to improve our campus climate, which fosters inclusion at all levels in the institution. To this end, participants should gain valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to more effectively and enjoyably work and lead in diverse environments.

Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program Learning Objectives

  • To recognize and learn the meaning of terminology relevant to diversity and social justice work.
  • To identify how the complex relationship between communication and multiple intersecting social identities inform campus interactions and impact campus climate.
  • To explore how theories in academic affairs, student affairs, human resources, and organizational development intersect to produce applied methods to improve campus interactions and campus climate.
  • To increase awareness of the intersecting issues that impact multiple understandings and approaches to diversity, equity and inclusion work at UCSC.
  • To develop practical skills that can be used beyond the certificate program to ensure equity and inclusion across units, divisions, and departments to effect social change at UCSC.
  • To identify the many intersecting identities and roles participants have in diversity, equity and inclusion work at UCSC.