Program Requirements & Registration


 2021-22 Diversity & Inclusion Program Details

The DICP is a 2 academic year program, meaning you have from fall of one academic year, to spring of the following academic year, to complete all program requirements.

Beginning in October, participants will register for and attend:

  • A mandatory program orientation
  • Six required courses
  • Two elective courses of their choosing
  • A capstone seminar at the end of their second year in the program.

In order to be considered a full program enrollee, you must first complete the mandatory program orientation, which is offered twice in October. You may register for the orientation session in the UC Learning Center during the registration period in June.


Priority Registration

Priority registration will be given to second-year returning program participants who have taken one or more classes during the 2020-201 academic year. 

Priority registration will open in the UC Learning center at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Open Registration

Registration for all courses in the 2021-22 certificate program will be open all UCSC staff, faculty, and graduate students at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

Before enrolling in courses within the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, please be sure that you and your supervisor are willing to make the necessary commitment for successful completion of the program.

Registration Instructions

Registration will officially open at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 22nd for continuing participants and at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 29th for new participants

Due to standard UC Learning Center functionality, you must log in after the classes are made available at 8:00:00 AM. If you log in before 8:00:00 AM, you will not be able to find or register for the DICP classes. If you log in after 8:00:00 and you still cannot see the DICP classes, please contact

  1. Log into the UC Learning Center using your CruzID Gold password.
  2. Click on the "Library" icon at the top left of the page.
  3. Click the white “>” near the "Professional Development" courses in the UC Learning Center.
  4. Select the "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" link.
  5. On the activities page, find the courses for which you'd like to register.
  6. Select the white down arrow next to the “SELECT” button that corresponds to the class.
  7. Select “Register” from the drop down menu and select the radio button next to the class.
  8. Click on the blue “SUBMIT” button, which will register you for the course.

The UC Learning Center has undergone some changes! For detailed information and instructions on how to register for classes in the updated platform, please visit the UC Learning Center Learner Guide. If you require assistance registering for classes, please send an email to

If you have questions about your progress in the program, or would like guidance on your course progress, please reach out to


Waitlist Policy

We encourage you to join waitlists for courses you would like to attend. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email and should reply as soon as possible if you are still interested in attending the course. The seat is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If another person on the waiting list replies first, you will remain on the waiting list and will be notified if another seat becomes available.


Cancellation and No-Show Policy

We understand that unplanned or unexpected events come up! Due to the popularity and high demand for this program that is currently free to participants, please review the following guidelines, established to reduce the number of last minute cancellations and no-shows and ensure that those who sign up for the program have the time commitment to attend the classes:

  • Any participant who has 2 no-show attendances will be removed from the program
  • Any participant who has 3 last minute cancellations (48 hours or less notice) will be removed from the program

We encourage you to speak to your supervisor or manager prior to registering for classes to receive their approval to attend.