Resources for Students

UC Santa Cruz is committed to supporting a campus that practices inclusive excellence. Please click on the links below to learn about and connect with the many resources and offices that engage in different educational programming and co-curricular activities promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at the UC Santa Cruz campus.  

Offices and Educational Support Programs

For information about campus programming and support for academic excellence, please follow the links below.

Resource Centers

If you are interested in opportunities to network and create community spaces, to engage in stimulating and critical dialogue, and to find connections in building a positive and empowering space for all communities, please check out the resource center websites by clicking on the links below.

Student Engagement Activities and Co-curricular Organizations

If you are interested in participating with student organizations that create programming, provide leadership opportunities, and multiple outlets for engaging, please visit the websites below for more information.


If you are interested in learning about various Scholarships across campus, please visit the websites below for more information.


Engineering Divsion

Humanities Divison

Social Sciences Divsion

Physical & Biological Sciences


Guiding Principles

Here are some guiding principles that are valued by the UCSC campus community to assist in our efforts in creating inclusive spaces.