California Assembly Bill 21

"We write to let the undocumented members of our community know there is nothing ambiguous about our support for you. We are proud of your efforts, recognize your contributions to campus and to society, and will do all in our power to support you. You do not stand alone. Our campus is built on an ethos of social justice, and nothing is more just than equal access to educational attainment and employment. Our Principles of Community clearly lay out our commitment: We value the strength that the diversity of our campus community brings to our institution. We are committed to due process. We believe deeply in equal opportunity.  The University of California system is equally committed to the rights of all students and employees, regardless of immigration status, and it's important that we all know these rights. The passage of state Assembly Bill 21 in 2017 put several policies and procedures in place regarding immigration enforcement on public campuses."  Excerpt from Chancellor Larive and Executive Vice Chancellor Kletzer's October 2020 message to the campus community.

In October 2017, Assembly Bill 21 (AB21) was approved and signed by former Governor Brown committing to access to higher education for every student regardless of their immigration status. The bill was written in response to growing concerns regarding the changing national climate around immigration policy and enforcement. The legislation requires California state and community colleges, and requests UC universities to establish various policies and procedures on our campuses to foster a campus environment that is safe and welcoming for all members of our community, regardless of immigration status. In March of 2018, former University of California President Napolitano sent a letter to the UC chancellors requesting them to implement the policies and practices specified in Assembly Bill 21.

UC Santa Cruz is committed to implementing Assembly Bill 21 on our campus and already provides an array of support services for our undocumented students, staff and faculty. The campus has designated a point of contact and a response team for undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty (including academic appointees) who are or may be subject to an immigration order on campus. 

If you are advised that an immigration officer is expected to enter, will enter, or has entered the campus to execute an immigration order, notify Garrett Naiman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Engagement, and Dean of Students, as soon as possible. Contact him at 831-502-5009 (available at this number after regular business hours) or via email at

Resources Available Specifically to Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Additional resources are available through Undocumented Student Services.

UCSC has a designated immigration attorney assigned to our campus from the UC Immigrant legal Services Center. Free immigration legal services are available to undergraduate and graduate undocumented students and their immediate family members. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students who are residents and citizens but have immediate family members who are undocumented are also eligible for these services.

Resources Available to Non-students:

The university also provides support services for undocumented employees through the Educational Opportunity Program office Immigration Legal Services Resources.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legislation, available campus resources/support services, or what to do if you may be subject to an immigration order, contact Garrett Naiman, 831-502-5009, 


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