Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program

The UC Santa Cruz Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program is sponsored by the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The program is open to staff, faculty, and graduate students. Building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inclusion requires the active participation of everyone on campus.

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program consists of:

  • Attending a mandatory orientation course in October
  • 6 required courses
  • 2 elective courses of your choosing
  • Attending a capstone seminar and presentation session where program graduates will apply the knowledge gained in the program to their work on campus.

This program provides a valuable professional development opportunity at no cost to the participants or their respective units. It is designed to offer participants an in-depth examination of diversity and differences in order to gain a greater understanding of how we can and why we should work together to build a stronger and more inclusive UC Santa Cruz community. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to more effectively and enjoyably work and lead in a multicultural, diverse environment.

Each offering is a 3-hour course and will be taught by various internal and external instructors in different formats. The 6 required courses are offered twice during the academic year while the elective courses are offered once.

Since 2011, 568 people have graduated from the program.



I wholeheartedly recommend DICP to anyone at UCSC that is eligible to participate. I am so grateful to have participated in this program, and for the personal and professional development that it offers. The majority of classes are highly interactive and very informative, and it's very well organized. It was a value add to participate in it with colleagues from across campus that I may not have ever met otherwise. I graduated the program with a more developed accessibility-minded and welcoming approach to my work and environment. I feel proud to work at an institution that values and encourages (and paid me to participate in!) diversity and inclusion training. ~ Leah Kahn, Curriculum Analyst & Instructional Support Services Supervisor, Baskin School of Engineering

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program was recommended to me by a colleague on campus as being the best training program offered at UCSC. After finishing the courses, I wholeheartedly agree. The courses build on each other and give the participants time to reflect on their personal experiences in order to make space to understand the perspective of others. I cannot recommend this program more. This program has changed the way I have conversations, shaped the way I implement programs at work, and inspired future goals. ~ Jackie Powell, Program and Events Manager, Research Center for the Americas

I recommend the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program for all staff. It's an excellent chance to expand your knowledge of diversity and social justice issues, which are of paramount importance. The electives that are offered provide a range of opportunities for learning and growing. It's also a useful means of connecting with other staff and/or faculty on this campus, where we can be so siloed. I came away from this experience grateful for the chance to continue my personal growth, at no cost, and having gained many new relationships with my colleagues. This was an excellent use of my time, and I heartily recommend it. ~ Kristen Weaver, Coordinator for Residential Education, The Village and Camper Park