Black Experience Team

UCSC Black Experience Team (BET) Charge:

The Team will partner with the Chancellor’s Diversity Advisory Council (CDAC) to advise the Chancellor and Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC) on ongoing recruitment, retention and campus climate strategies surrounding African-American, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) students. This team originally emerged in 2014 based on the results of  campus climate surveys and reported incidents of hate or bias.  The role is to champion the BET report and recommendations and continue to stay active in the work to foster the change necessary to achieve the vision.

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Black Experience Team Vision:

We will reach a critical mass of African American, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) students. ABC students, representing all intersectional identities, will report a high sense of belonging, reach their full potential, and be recognized and celebrated for their contributions to the academic community. ABC students will be retained and graduate at the same rates as the majority population and have high levels of satisfaction in their UC Santa Cruz experience.

Black Experience Team Report:

The 2015-16 Virtual Town Hall presentation is available for download along with the  2014-15 UCSC Black Experience Team (BET) final report. These resources are intended to give some context and most importantly be action plans for making a lasting impact to enhance the campus climate for all African American, Black and Caribbean students.

BET Recommended Strategies:

The work of the BET is ongoing. Updates on the recommended strategies can be viewed here: UCSC Black Experience Team Updates.