Co-Funding Program (Under Review)

ODEI Co-Funding is under review by our Executive Director/Interim Chief Diversity Officer.

Please email directly with SUBJECT LINE: CO-FUNDING 2021-2022

The Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Funding Program is designed to provide co-sponsorship support to UCSC activities, projects and events that reflect ODEI's mission to promote a campus that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

  • Historically, ODEI’s co-funding provided co-sponsorship up to the amount of $750 per proposal, open to all campus constituents (students, staff and faculty) for programs that have a campus-wide impact and will make a substantial contribution to improving campus climate

If your office has previously counted on funding from ODEI, please contact us. The funding program is under review however, we do not want your Activities/Projects/Events/Recruitment Efforts to be negatively impacted.  

Need help with your funding proposal? Contact to request additional support.

Women's Day flyer

Photos from Environmental Sciences Students of Color Solidarity Coalition; "Life Happens" event organized by the First-Gen Initiative; International Women's Day Symposium: all three programs received ODEI funding!