Black Experience Team Archives

2015-16 BET Members
  • Shonté Thomas, Director, African-American Resource and Cultural Center (Co-Chair)
  • Laura Turner-Essel, Coordinator for Residential Education, Village and Camper Park (Co-Chair)
  • Michelle Whittingham, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
  • Michael McCawley, Director of Admissions
  • Jaye Padgett, Professor of Linguistics and Faculty Assistant, Undergraduate Student Success Team
  • Pablo Reguerin, Executive Director of Retention Services and Director of Equal Opportunity Programs
  • Maria Rocha-Ruiz, Executive Director, Educational Partnership Center
  • Donnae Smith, Diversity and Inclusion Programs Coordinator, CHES
  • Adrienne Harrell, Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs, Engineering
  • Hashim Jibri, Coordinator for Residential Education, Oakes College
  • Harold Hardin, Undergraduate Student
  • Lina Abdelsalam, Undergraduate Student,
  • Nathanael Johnson, Undergraduate Student
  • Maya Iverson, Graduate Student
  • Nadia Roche, Graduate Student