In Celebration of Black Life

Alumni Weekend Event 

Saturday, April 28, 2018
2:00 - 4:00 p.m. 
Oakes Learning Center

UCSC’s Black Experience Team is excited to invite you to our 2nd Annual In Celebration of Black Life Alumni event! During alumni weekend we turn one space at UCSC into what we call a ‘memory space’. The goal of this space is to make visible the various ways UCSC’s African, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) communities have, and continue, to affirm their presence at UCSC. 

As our event is a celebration of the struggles and triumphs of our ABC communities, we invite ABC identified students, faculty, staff, and alumni to help us ensure this space reflects their experiences. We do so by asking our ABC communities to contribute music, photos, and poems we can hang and project into space. Your songs/photos/poems can represent any part of your experience at UC Santa Cruz. From protests and hanging out with friends, to photos of campus buildings and landscapes, all of your experiences matter in helping us to center the histories of ABC communities at UCSC.

How to Contribute:
  • Keyword/Song: Share with us one word or song that describes your time at UCSC. We’ll add the song to our In Celebration of Black Life at UC Santa Cruz playlist
  • Photos: Share with us photos that represent what it means to be unapologetically black at UC Santa Cruz. 
  • Poems: Share with us a poem, or a set of poems, that represents your time at UC Santa Cruz.

Email submissions and questions to the Black Experience Team co-chairs: